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KPM Power Creates Bursary and Provides Financial Support for Equity-Focussed Programming

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

KPM Power is extremely proud to support new initiatives launched by The Lassonde School of Engineering at York University, as outlined in the press release below:

KPM Power is thrilled to have found a partner in York University and The Lassonde School of Engineering that shares a similar vision of supporting and enabling underrepresented youths to reach their potential, which we believe is a right of every individual, no matter their circumstance.

Our goal in supporting these programs, as with any other community programs and initiatives that KPM Power supports, is to address the issue of affordable access to food, shelter, and education from a systemic lens. Our hope is to finally see a day when a stack of 100 job applications in Engineering will not only yield more than just a handful of female candidates but will also contain applications from a huge segment of youth who would otherwise not have considered a career in STEM.

We are excited about the meaningful impact the bursary will have for deserving female students in STEM, and the exposure to STEM-based programs the K2I program will bring to underrepresented youths in our community.

We hope this is just the beginning.

A link to the original article is available on the York University Website.


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