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KPM Power's Paid Internship Program

Updated: Oct 4, 2022


At KPM Power we’ve seen what can be accomplished when we give co-op students the opportunity to act on their passions. It has led to great success for both the students and the company. We would now like to extend that opportunity to more than just co-op students. It is with great excitement that we announce the rollout of our paid internship program for recent graduates.


“It's often difficult to jump into the workforce with limited to no experience. At KPM, we embrace the opportunity to be a building block in the careers of new grads and give them the chance to apply what they've learned in the classroom.” Samantha Rimando, Operations and HR Manager.

This program offers recently graduated post-secondary students the chance to be a part of the KPM Power team for a fixed 12-month period with the potential to become full-time employees based on performance, fit, and projects. We want to give graduates the ability to see how KPM Power operates and give them a chance to find their footing in the professional world. This program is an opportunity to build up work experiences while earning a steady and fair income right out of school.

"To me, work-integrated learning is the best way of really learning what you do in school because you learn by actually trying and doing. It has been fascinating to see and hear the stories of how you all came about working at KPM. It's incredible, since you each have different ways of learning, but you're all here, sharing." – Jane Goodyer, Dean of the Lassonde School of Engineering at York University

A huge benefit of this program is that it gives people the ability to take the theoretical and academic exposure that the classroom setting brings and turn it into practical and professional experiences.

“Coming to KPM fresh out of graduation gave me the opportunity to immerse myself fully in the high-paced environment that the workplace had to offer, as well as develop skills to adapt and overcome challenges that might come with it. After having graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree, I was able to apply both my problem-solving skills and my experience with computer automated design (CAD), both of which help to find and apply corrective actions to the manufacturing processes within KPM's production sector, in addition to helping KPM create new products for incoming customers.” Justin Jen, Mechanical Processing Engineer at KPM Power

This opportunity also extends to those who may already be working in different industries or sectors and are looking for a fresh start or to explore a different career path. At KPM Power, we encourage exploration and growth, and this internship offers recent graduates the chance to be able to branch out and develop new skills and abilities.

At KPM Power we value the right to personal and professional growth. We feel that our paid internship program is an excellent medium for providing learning, practical experience, and growth opportunity for those who are looking to advance or even change their careers.

To learn more about current positions, check out our careers page.


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