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KPM's Fundraiser / Aunduhyaun Shelter "Our Home"

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

Our promise is to match every dollar up to $5000 with the goal to donate $10,000 to Anduhyaun Inc. Anduhyaun is the oldest Indigenous women's emergency shelter in Canada and also acts as a second-stage housing resource for women and children fleeing violence. Anduhyaun means "Our Home" in the Ojibawa language, and that is exactly what they strive to provide for the community.

Under the Anduhyaun Inc. there is Nekenaan Second Stage Housing (NSSH), a Transitional Housing service that provides safe, affordable, temporary housing to Indigenous women with or without children.

In this video, we listen to a former client who sought out the services offered at Nekenaan after being homeless for 4 years. She was included in the "Sixties Scoop" which was a series of policies enacted by government authorities across Canada during the 1950s to 1980s. Thousands of Indigenous children were taken from their families with or without consent and placed into foster homes and eventually adopted out to non-Indigenous families.

"I lost my heritage, my culture, my family, my extended family, my language - so now I'm just starting to get back to that now, with the support of Nekenaan Staff, for having all these elders and teachers coming in - guiding the way."

Anduhyaun Shelter is a Violence against Women Emergency Shelter servicing Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal women with or without children fleeing violence. They have served hundreds of women and children and assisted many in their transition into permanent housing. The number of those who require their services increase every year due to the lack of affordable housing in the GTA.

“The shelter operates on a client focused and strength-based approach which promotes advocacy and empowerment for woman while maintaining their cultural identity in addition to respecting diversity of race, religion and sexuality. The goal here is to address the unique needs of each woman as she navigates her path on her healing journey.

Services offered at the Shelter includes, but are not limited to:

  • Individual Counselling

  • Sexual Assault Counselling

  • Crisis Counselling

  • Life Skills

  • Resident Support Services

  • Cultural Ceremonies and Elders"

We are almost at our goal. Please join us as we support the efforts at Anduhyaun as they protect the women and culture of the Indigenous community.


To Donate:


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