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KPM Power's Anzen Battery Management System Achieves UL 2580 Standard

Contact: Karen Lai Address: 700 Kipling Ave

President & Founder Unit #900 Etobicoke, ON

647.424.0012 ext. 101 Canada M8Z 5G3

Etobicoke, Ontario – August 20, 2021 – Toronto-based KPM Power is pleased to announce that their battery management system (BMS) is now UL certified for UL2580, which is the UL standard for Batteries for Use in Electric Vehicles. UL Standards are used to assess products and are an important part of ensuring that BMS providers like KPM Power are offering safe products and solutions in the rapidly growing energy storage space.

The UL2580 standard evaluates electrical energy storage assembly’s ability to safely withstand simulated abuse conditions and prevents any exposure of persons to hazards as a result of the abuse. This standard also evaluates the electric energy storage assembly and modules based upon the manufacturer’s specified charge and discharge parameters at specified temperatures.

To achieve their newest certification, KPM Power’s lithium-ion battery management system components, materials, system, and performance were evaluated for safety. The environmental impact of their commercial battery management system was also assessed to ensure that it aligns with the UL2580 standards.

Achieving the UL2580 standard expands KPM Power’s capabilities beyond their existing UL1973 standard for Batteries for Use in Light Electric Rail (LER) Applications and Stationary Applications; it has opened doors for the cleantech company to utilize their Anzen BMS in more applications and industries, supporting both stationary and mobile energy storage products.

Karen Lai, president, and founder of KPM Power Inc. says:

KPM Power can now further support the electrification of mobile equipment and industrial vehicles that are used in the farming, construction, and mining sectors, to name just a few. This focus on commercial industries aligns well with our vision to create a positive impact on the environment by accelerating the launch of affordable cleantech and alternative energy products into the market.”

In addition to their commitment to sustainability, KPM Power strives to be a leader in corporate responsibility. They are proud to support various initiatives and community organizations that share their vision for a brighter and cleaner future for every individual.

In 2021, the community-minded company created the KPM Power Bursary to support female students in covering the cost of their education at York University’s Lassonde School of Engineering. Applicants must be in their first or second year and demonstrate community leadership and financial need. Successful applicants are provided with $10,000 a year to support them in their academic and professional development.

KPM Power has also provided and committed future financial support to Lassonde's K2I Academy, which focuses on equity-focused programming that supports under-represented youth in STEM, including the Helen Carswell STEAM Program.

Whether they are supporting businesses in the adoption of cleantech lithium-ion battery solutions or helping female STEM leaders succeed, KPM Power is continuously working to reduce barriers and address challenges by investing in their community, their products, and the future of our planet.

About KPM Power

KPM Power Inc. is a Toronto based, lithium-ion battery solutions expert, specializing in Battery Management Systems. With the engineering credentials and global supply connections, KPM Power is positioned to be the catalyst for clean teach innovation getting to market. The firm strives for positive change and chooses to be a difference maker in its community, being a leader in Corporate Responsibility, and being aware of the impact the company has on its customers, suppliers, and environment. For more information, please visit

To learn more about KPM Power’s exciting story of innovation and expansion, please visit:

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