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Updated: Oct 15, 2020

KPM Power also bought a car for employee carpooling and opened an onsite daycare for staff

September 8, 2020, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada: KPM Power Inc. today announced the milestone expansion of its Etobicoke operations located just minutes from downtown Toronto Canada. This new lab expansion allows further research, development, and manufacturing of the company’s ANZEN Battery Management System (BMS).

This announcement is a major move for KPM Power towards its mission to create positive change and a lasting impact on its customers, suppliers, and the environment.

“We are proud of our achievements since our launch just over three years ago, and encouraged by the opportunities ahead, thanks to the support and remarkable strength of the partnerships we have made on our journey,” says Karen Lai, president and founder at KPM Power. “With the 2,500-square-foot expansion, KPM’s facility now has 6,500 square feet dedicated to engineering, R&D and manufacturing.”

A proud Canadian company, KPM Power is a leader in customized lithium ion battery solutions, battery management systems, global supply chain, UL certification, and design for manufacturing services.

The company expedited its expansion plans so that it could bring staff back safely by adhering to physical distancing protocols and other public health measures.

“We also decided it was important to ensure our employees felt safe to come to work. Buying a car for employees to use to carpool and alleviate the need for them to use public transit just made sense. We also opened an on-site daycare to give the parents among us a viable and safe option for the care of their children.”

KPM Power designs and manufactures a suite of real-time lithium battery management and monitoring systems, which collect, analyze and report critical data, including individual cell voltages and temperatures, to determine a battery’s state of charge, state of health and reduces risk of thermal runaway. Knowing that information and acting on it optimizes battery performance, extends the life of the clean-power battery systems, and protects the environment.

The Anzen BMS is UL certified for functional safety and can be remotely monitored with our R3000 system. The goal is to provide a proactive solution for safety. This will open the door for more renewable energy technologies to enter the market and reduce the reliance on diesel.

“Every sector of industry relies more and more on rechargeable and back-up battery power; we are so proud to be a ‘made in Canada’ company delivering state-of-the-art battery management options to help companies keep our planet clean and green.”

KPM Power can help companies of all sizes retrofit their equipment and take control of their energy efficiency.

The company was named a finalist for the 2019 Innovation Guelph Award for Exceptional SME of the Year, and earned a Top 30 spot in the MaRS Women in Cleantech Challenge.

KPM Power has also made it a mission to support the community during these challenging times, raising $10,000 for the Daily Bread Fundraising drive in March and donating masks to the Poverello women’s shelter.

KPM Power shares space with its sister company, Rocketworx an emerging incubator that provides other hardware and cleantech startups with space to work, prototype, test and launch their own products.

To learn more about KPM Power’s exciting story of innovation and expansion, click here



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