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4 Reasons You Should Work at a Start-up

We asked our team what they felt were the benefits and advantages of working at a start-up. The list goes on and on but we've narrowed it down to the top 4 answers:

1. Elevates your career

Being a start-up, we have many jobs and wear many hats with a wider range of tasks. We see it as an opportunity to explore what type of work is involved with the same common goal. The dynamic work that is available helps build up employees and creates a well-rounded workforce. Some said that because of the adaptability required in the workplace, they have been given an opportunity for rapid learning on various tasks and roles. This promotes problem solving and discovery because the team is given chances to work through trial and error with the support of the team and management.

2. Having a meaningful and direct impact on the company's success

When speaking with our team members, many of them reveal the fulfillment they feel from their position in the company.

"Makes you more accountable as an employee because you get to see the immediate impact your work has on the customer and the company's progress."

A huge benefit that was brought up is being assigned to projects and tasks that are important and not just paper pushing. This allows a greater chance of initiative and a sense of ownership because everything in the company is developing and you have a hand in the direction we take as a group. No matter how small or large the task is, it's important, and you can see how your work contributes to the end goal of the team.

3. Open and effective management

Removing the traditional organization chart, it limited the feeling of a hierarchy. This allows for a flow of communications on all levels as you are free to share information and provide suggestions and/or feedback.

"Regardless of their position, you feel the respect and you sense their gratitude and appreciation for simply doing what we were hired to do."

4. Working with a vibrant and charismatic group of people

In a start-up, recruiting the right people is very important. Building and fostering the right culture was one of the fundamental discussions because we want to create a space where it's collaborative. You enjoy the people you work with and can see how like-minded we all are. Having a solutions mindset helps us to grow because when faced with an obstacle, we just keep working together to overcome it and there isn't battling for the spotlight. With a small group, it's easy to form relationships and learn how to communicate and approach the different professionals we have in house.

There are often contrasting opinions when it comes to working in a start-up compared to working in a larger company. It's important you reflect on what your goals are and what type of environment or team you could work your best in. But if we just described a place that you could be successful in, follow us on LinkedIn for all our latest updates for opening positions.


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