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Women's Habitat / KPM Power Holiday Fundraising Drive

Women's Habitat Fundraiser event banner

As we head into the holiday season and look forward to a new year, we take stock of our priorities, reflect upon our blessings, and consider how we can help those in need.

That has never been more important than it is in 2020. There are many more among us who have been hurt by the social and economic devastation wrought by the pandemic. That is especially true of women and children in violent and abusive homes, who have been made only more vulnerable.

KPM Power, a cleantech/alternative energy engineering company in Etobicoke led by founder and president Karen Lai, is supporting the vital work of Women’s Habitat. KPM Power will match community donations up to $10,000.

Women’s Habitat has a mission to provide a safe refuge, counselling, support, and advocacy for women and their children who are fleeing violence. It also works toward a more equal society where the inherent value of all women is recognized and celebrated.

The organization has continued to offer 24/7 services during the pandemic, including an emergency shelter and crisis line, and a range of virtual outreach services, including individual counselling by phone. These are essential lifelines to women and children subjected to violence at home, especially during a time of isolation that poses an increased threat to their safety.

The vision of Women’s Habitat aligns perfectly with KPM Power’s commitment to helping women reach their full potential and realize their goals.

Women’s Habitat strives to provide not only security but home-like comfort to women and children. The organization focuses on making victims of violence of all ages, ethnicities, religious beliefs, and socio-economic statuses feel welcomed and at peace.

The United Nations has called the rising incidences of violence against women, including homicides, a “shadow pandemic” and police agencies in the GTA are reporting a surge in domestic violence calls.

Women’s Habitat has grappled with an unprecedented increase in demand for its services.

Clients have reported being more vulnerable to violence within their homes and 74 new clients accessed outreach services within the first three months of the pandemic alone. Many were forced to quarantine with abusive partners or family members, cut off from the resources and supports they rely on.

We must ensure that women facing abuse at home know there is help for them. We must ensure violence is not normalized and that we collectively teach the next generation to challenge patriarchy and gender stereotypes.

Gender-based violence is one of society’s great challenges but it can be fixed in our lifetime if we work together and if we support frontline agencies tackling this problem each and every day.

But for right now, there is no end in sight to the crisis or the heightened demand for services. In a time of distancing, those of us at KPM Power want to send a message of hope and caring and to let victims of violence know that they do not stand alone.

Please join us.


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