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KPM Power Expands Operations and Featured in

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

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KPM Power is expanding operations!

KPM is a battery solutions and service company opening its doors in the South Etobicoke. We are proud to be featured as a new business on


KPM Power brings clean-tech solutions to south Etobicoke

KPM has a mission: to help tech manufacturers, large or small, solve challenges and create products that are market ready.

The business, located at 700 Kipling Ave. #900 in south Etobicoke, specializes in customized lithium ion battery solutions and helps clean-tech equipment companies with the design and certification of their products.

"Lithium is a very reliable power source. The benefit is the cycle life is long, so no matter how many times you charge it, it is a clean source of energy, " said owner and mechanical engineer Karen Lai.

In addition to the services provided by KPM, its sister company Rocketworx, is opened in August 2019 in the same location, as an incubator to provide other startups with space to work, prototype, test and launch their own products.

KPM Power officially opened its doors in May.


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